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Parliament, Thursday, 17 November 2022 - The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Chief Whip, Mr Seiso Mohai, says Parliament and the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Provincial Legislature must mount a scaled-up collaborative oversight campaign to help reinforce efforts to combat crime in the Ugu District in KZN.

He commented on concerns raised by community members during a public hearing on Safety and Security, held at Ugu Sports and Leisure Centre in Ray Nkonyeni local municipality on Thursday. The hearings form part of the week-long Taking Parliament to the People oversight programme currently underway in the district.

Mr Mohai raised concerns over the high number of police officials implicated in serious criminal activities, including murder and sabotage of police work.

“We really need to be purposeful in our oversight, and ensure that Parliament on its own, as a custodian of democracy, undertake very conscious mobilisation among communities. Members of the community are scared to confide in police because some elements within the police service are also conniving with criminal networks”, Mr Mohai said.

During the hearings, community members expressed their frustration with the police to Members of Parliament, KZN Legislature, Minister of Police, Mr Bheki Cele, and KZN Safety and Security MEC, Mr Sipho Hlomuka. They accuse police of complacency in fighting crime in their area.

They also bemoaned the under-resourced police stations, absence of policing, and crime and drug syndicates that partner with enforcement officers to perpetrate crimes.

Minister Cele conceded that police are indeed implicated in criminal activities and undertook to visit police stations in the crime ridden municipality to implement urgent interventions.

The Chief Whip welcomed the Minister’s interim intervention, but pointed out that Parliament and the Provincial legislature need to undertake a systematic way of responding to the alarming rate of crime that terrorises residents.

He further enjoined councillors, members of the legislatures and Parliament to create a peaceful environment that is conducive for economic prosperity.

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