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Directions to Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

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From the N2

  1. Follow the N2 highway into the CBD (towards Table Mountain)
  2. Just past Groote Schuur Hospital on your right, the N2 splits. Keep left. This will take you along De Waal Drive
  3. Just past Vredehoek on your left, De Waal Drive becomes Roeland Street
  4. Continue with Roeland Street to the T-junction
  5. Turn right into Plein Street at the T-junction
  6. Find parking
  7. Enter via the Visitor's Centre on the Ground Floor 120 Plein Street.

From the N1

  1. Follow the N1 highway into the CBD (towards Table Mountain)
  2. As you approach the Foreshore, take the Christiaan Barnard off-ramp
  3. At the first set of traffic lights, turn left into Christiaan Barnard
  4. Continue until you see Good Hope Centre on your left. The railway station and taxi rank is on your right
  5. At the traffic lights next to Good Hope, turn right. The road meanders into Darling Street
  6. Drive until you reach Plein Street
  7. Turn left into Plein Street
  8. Find parking
  9. Enter via the Visitor's Centre on the Ground Floor 120 Plein Street

Arrange a Tour

Tours of Parliament take place from Monday-Friday. Tours do not take place on weekends and public holidays.

Upon booking of a tour you will be requested to provide the names, surnames and ID/passport numbers of everyone that will be coming on the tour.

Parliamentary Tours are free. Parliament does not offer parking or refreshments for tour groups.

A booking should only be considered as being confirmed once correspondence has been received from the Tours Office indicating that the booking has been confirmed and including all the relevant tour booking details.

Kindly do all bookings through the Tours Administrator:

Nhlanhla Mrwerwe - Visitor's Programme Administrator
Telephone: (021) 403 2266
Fax: (021) 403 3303

How to attend plenary debate

Tickets for observing debates from the public galleries of both the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces (NCOP) can be obtained, free of charge, from the Public Relations Office.

Contact Details:
Tebogo Tsheole - Public Relations Specialist
Telephone: (021) 403 2197

Physical Address: Upper Ground Floor, 90 Plein Street, Parliament of South Africa
(Entrance through Visitors Centre, 120 Plein Street)
Postal Address: PO Box 15, Cape Town, 8000

Where do debates take place?
In the chambers of the National Assembly or National Council of Provinces.

How much does it cost to attend a debate?
Attendance to debates is free of charge.

When do debates take place?
Debates take place in accordance with the parliamentary programme.
Usually they take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays afternoons and occasionally on Friday mornings.

How does one attend a debate?
Make an advance booking by contacting Public Relations Office at the above email addresses.

Which information to include in the email?
Full name, physical address, identity number, telephone number and date of the debate indicating preferred house.

Can I bring my Identity Book?
It is a requirement to present identification or passport document at the security desk.

What are the rules for observing the debate?
The following information is printed on the ticket.

  • In accepting this ticket:
    • I understand that this only allows me to observe the proceedings in the chamber, and not to involve myself in the business of the chamber by means of loud commentary, demonstrations or unruly behaviour.
    • I understand that photographs may not be taken without permission and that all packages, binoculars, photographic equipment, recording equipment and any other electronic devices must be checked in at entry point. Cellular phones must be switched off.
    • I therefore undertake to refrain from any actions, which may interrupt the proceedings in the chamber, and to abide by any instructions to the gallery, uttered by the Speaker/ NCOP Chairperson. I will also comply with any instructions given by security attendants.
    • I understand that failure to observe these conditions may result in my removal from the gallery and referral of the incident to police investigation. 

When are tickets available?
From 09:00 to 17:00 on the day of the sitting.

Where can I collect my ticket?
Room 006 Upperground Floor, 90 Plein Street ((Entrance through Visitors Centre, 120 Plein Street)

Where are the public galleries?
National Assembly and National Council of Provinces Buildings.


How Do I obtain information on Parliament?
By contacting the Public Relations Office.

How do I reach Parliament on line?
Twitter: @ParliamentofRSA
Facebook: ParliamentofRSA
Instagram: ParliamentofRSA
Youtube: ParliamentofRSA

What is Parliament General Number?
021 403 2911

When do tours take place?
From 9:00 to 12:00, Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays.

How long does a tour last?
The average tour lasts about one hour.

How far in advance must I reserve a tour?
At least one week in advance.

Tours for school groups during the holidays should be reserved two months in advance.

Where do I park?
There is no parking available within the precincts of Parliament, but there is public parking nearby.

How long before the scheduled time of the tour should I arrive?
15 minutes.

Which entrance to the parliamentary complex must I use?
Groups and individuals must use the entrance to 100 Plein Street (Lelie Street) and then enter the 90 Plein Street building.

What must I bring along to facilitate access to the Parliamentary Precincts?
My ID or Passport

What must I bring along as proof that the tour was confirmed?
The letter received from the Tours Office confirming the tour and passport or identity document.

What must I do with my bags?
You are advised to leave all baggage in your vehicle.

What items are not allowed into the parliamentary buildings?

  • Cameras are only allowed in certain areas as advised by the tour guide.
  • For security reasons, video cameras and fire-arms are not allowed. These items can be left at the entrance.
  • Everyone will undergo a security check before entering the building.
  • Handbags will be scanned.
  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

Are refreshments on sale at Parliament?
Unfortunately not, but there are many places selling refreshments nearby.

Am I able to view Parliament's artwork?
To arrange a specialised tour of Parliament's artwork, please contact Lila Komnick in the Artworks Office at