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Press Releases for the month of December 2023
Description Date
Media Statement: Committee Adopts Programme and Advert for Filling of Vacancies in the Commission for Gender Equality 11 Dec 2023 10:20am
Media Statement: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee Adopts Its Report on Statistics Amendment Bill 11 Dec 2023 9:50am
Media Statement: Powers and Privileges Committee Welcomes Dismissal of Urgent Interdict Application by Western Cape High Court 10 Dec 2023 7:06pm
Media Statement: International Relations Committee Chairperson Calls for End of Israel-Gaza Genocide 8 Dec 2023 9:30am
Media Statement: Committee Resolves to Finalise Expropriation Bill in February 2024 7 Dec 2023 12:41pm
NCOP Passes the National Health Insurance Bill and Two other Bills 6 Dec 2023 6:55pm
Online Media Accreditation: 2024 State of the Nation Address 6 Dec 2023 4:15pm
Carbon Adjustment Measures Will Have Far-Reaching Economic Repercussions for Developing Countries 6 Dec 2023 1:07pm
Media Alert: Ad Hoc Committee to Receive Inputs on Bill From Saps Crime Intelligence and Inspector-General of Intelligence 6 Dec 2023 12:00pm
National Assembly Adopts the Powers and Privileges Committee Report 6 Dec 2023 8:30am
Media Statement: Cogta Committee Condemns Killing of Initiates at Initiation School in Eastern Cape 5 Dec 2023 10:35pm
Media Release: National Assembly Passes Various Pieces of Legislation 5 Dec 2023 10:05pm
Media Release: COP28 Parliamentary Delegation Emphasises Role of Blended Finance in Achieving Energy Transition 5 Dec 2023 10:05pm
NA Adopts Reports on Flood Relief and Filling Human Rights Commission Vacancies 5 Dec 2023 10:00pm
Media Statement: Powers and Privileges Committee Will Not Subpoena Speaker on 30 August 2022 Matter 5 Dec 2023 9:25pm
Media Advisory: NA and the NCOP to Consider Bills and Several Committee Reports 5 Dec 2023 9:20pm
Media Alert: Select Committee to Consider Negotiating Mandates on Expropriation Bill 5 Dec 2023 7:49pm
Media Alert: Public Service and Administration Committee to Consider Two Bills Relating to Public Service 5 Dec 2023 6:15pm
Media Statement: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee Adopts Motion of Desirability on Statistics Amendment Bill 5 Dec 2023 5:45pm
Media Statement: Ad Hoc Committee on General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill Receives Input From Nicoc 5 Dec 2023 5:40pm
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee Adopts Motion of Desirability on Statistics Amendment Bill 5 Dec 2023 5:20pm
Media Alert: Scopa to Conduct Follow-up Meeting With Raf on Audit Outcomes 5 Dec 2023 3:30pm
Media Statement: Multi-Party Women’s Caucus Chairperson Disappointed by High Rate of Teenage Pregnancy 5 Dec 2023 12:00pm
Media Alert: Committee on Agriculture Finalises Plant Health and Deeds Registries Amendment Bills 5 Dec 2023 11:31am
Parliament Welcomes the Constitutional Court Decisions on the Electoral Bill 4 Dec 2023 7:55pm
Media Release: South Africa Calls for a More Equitable World Trading System that Embraces Climate Change 4 Dec 2023 7:50pm
Media Alert: Ad Hoc Committee to Receive Input from NICOC on GILAB 4 Dec 2023 7:00pm
Media Statement: Committee Concerned by Failure to Speedily Appoint Contractor to Finish Mankweng Police Station 4 Dec 2023 3:46pm
Media Release: Participation of Members of Parliament at COP28: Strengthening Commitment to Address the Climate Crisis 4 Dec 2023 9:04am
Media Statement: January Deadline for Completion of Muyexe Police Station must be Met, Committee Calls 3 Dec 2023 9:10pm
Happening in Parliament This Week 3 Dec 2023 9:05pm
Media Statement: Transport Committee Chairperson Welcomes Resumption of Long Distance Rail Passenger Service 3 Dec 2023 9:00pm
Effective Climate Change Legislation Can Help Preserve a Habitable Planet 2 Dec 2023 9:10pm
Media Statement: Committee on Agriculture Adopts Motion of Desirability to Process Deeds Registries Amendment and Plant Health (Phytosanitary) Bills 2 Dec 2023 9:05pm
Media Statement: Home Affairs Committee Resolves that the Minister Must Reopen the Process to Appoint Electoral Reform Consultation Panel 2 Dec 2023 9:00pm
Media Statement: Police Committee Welcomes SAPS’ State of Readiness to Fight Crime Over Festive Season 1 Dec 2023 11:55pm
Media Statement: Powers and Privileges Committee Adopts its Report on Sona 2023 Incident 1 Dec 2023 11:50pm
Media Alert: Communications and Digital Technologies Committee Extends Deadline for Written Submissions on SABC SOC Ltd Bill 1 Dec 2023 12:55pm
Media Statement: Mineral Resources Committee Concludes Public Hearings on ERA Bill in Eastern Cape 1 Dec 2023 10:00am
Media Alert: Police Committee to Be Briefed by Saps’ Nine Provincial Commissioners on Infrastructure, Safer Festive Season and CPF Reports 1 Dec 2023 9:55am