Parliament, Tuesday, 18 January 2022 - Parliament welcomes the 2021/22 salary agreement between NEHAWU and the South African Legislature Employers' Organisation, representing Provincial legislatures and Parliament. The two bodies concluded the negotiations on Friday and reached an agreement as follows:

  • An annual increase of 1,5% on the total salary package of all employees in the legislative sector for the 2021/22 Financial year,
  • A once-off payment of R22 000 (i.e. R1833.3 per month for the period 1st April 2021 to 30th March 2022) for all employees of the South African Legislative Sector,
  • The negotiation team to start working on the harmonisation process by March 2022
  • Implementation of 1 to 2 above shall be on or before 15th February 2022.

Parliament management met with NEHAWU leaders on Monday to share important information relating to the safety of buildings on the precinct. Parliament’s management reiterated their commitment towards ensuring the safety of all the employees and other stakeholders on the Parliamentary precinct. Following these fruitful engagements, all employees who were expected to be at work on Monday returned to their workstations.

Parliament reiterates that only the National Assembly, Old Assembly, and the National Council of Provinces' buildings were affected by the fire and are currently off-limits to staff. The other buildings, including the Marks building, 90 Plein, 100 Plein, and the Good hope Centre, are open and safe for officials.

Despite the devastation of the fire disaster that gutted parts of the Parliamentary precinct, Parliament once again assures workers of their safety in buildings that were not affected by the fire.

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