Mr Lisa Nkosinathi Mangcu

National Assembly
Deputy Minister of Transport
Party: African National Congress on the provincial list for the province of Gauteng



Parliament Membership History

Member of Parliament since 2019

Political Leadership Background

Started political activism in the early 1980s in student politics and resistance of the Bantustan system. Became involved in underground MK activities in mid-1980s. Held numerous leadership positions in Nehawu. Deleted incomplete sentence here


Honors - Strategic Leadership Development

National Diploma - Business Management

Certificate – Public Finance Management Act

Certificate – Municipal Finance Management Act

Certificate – Information Management in the Public Sector

Certificate – Managing Integrated Development for Service Delivery


Devoted Christian



Political Ideas / Achievements Goals & Ambitions for the country

Being an MP to me is a great honour, an opportunity to be an agent of change, to contribute and be part of shaping a new dawn for our nation.

My ambition is to see a better country and society by the end of this term. To contribute towards the upliftment of the down-trodden and most vulnerable amongst us.

To use my experience at all spheres of government to build a better South Africa and improved infrastructure resulting in a thriving economy.