You can contact MPs in constituency offices throughout the country or at Parliament if you want to win their support for an issue you feel strongly about or if you need assistance with a particular problem.
Most areas in the country have one or more constituency offices where citizens can directly contact their MPs. Constituency offices are usually listed in the local telephone directory.

All MPs are members of the parliamentary committees and are actively involved in the work of those committees. They can therefore raise issues you have brought to their attention in those committees.

On certain days in the National Assembly, MPs get an opportunity for making statements. These are called members’ statements and afford MPs the opportunity of bringing to the attention of the public and members of the Cabinet (Ministers) important issues brought to their attention, also by their constituents.

Individual MPs may also propose private member’s bills, so if you think that a law is necessary to regulate a particular matter or an existing law should be changed, you can submit that for consideration through an individual MP. You would, of course, have to gain the support of your MP for what you are trying to achieve.


You can phone your MP or write to him or her at the following address:
Box 15, Cape Town, 8000
Telephone (021) 403 2911