Have Your Say: Climate Change Bill [B9 – 2022]

The Portfolio Committee on Environment, Forestry and Fisheries invites interested people and stakeholders to submit written comments on the Climate Change Bill [B9 – 2022].

The Bill seeks: To enable the development of an effective climate change response and a long-term, just transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy and society for South Africa in the context of sustainable development; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Written submissions must be emailed to Ms Tyhileka Madubela at email: climatechangebill2022@parliament.gov.za by no later than Friday, 27 May 2022. In addition to the written comments, please indicate your interest in making a verbal presentation.

For enquiries or to obtain the copy of the Bill, please contact Ms T Madubela on; Cell 083 709 8401; email climatechangebill2022@parliament.gov.za or visit the Parliamentary website at http://www.parliament.gov.za

Issued by Ms AF Muthambi, MP
Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Environment, Forestry and Fisheries